Monday, April 27, 2009

My Supa Life Page 20 Posted

In case you have trouble reading Emerald Ax's blog I've reprinted it below. I guess it might be a spoiler? So That's why I'm putting it way down there.

41. High School Crush- 3 Stars- Aside from the high school uniform fantasy, too much Drama.
42. Spankinatrix- 4 Stars- Handcuffs Chafe! Kinky but crazy, all she could talk about was getting revenge on a cat?
43. Space Princess- 2 Stars- LEZBO ALERT! Out of this world kisser but she spaced on a great opportunity to polish my Axe Handle.
44. Busta Move- 2 Stars- She might be fat but fat chicks need luv 2, just not in public.
45. Widow Maker- 3 Stars- I can’t understand Russian but that butt was BIG
46. Ms. Adventure- 4 Stars- Ms.’ed getting 5 stars, she should’ve waxed.
47. Futanari Lass- 1 Star- WARNING! Futanari has NOTHING to do with Time-Travel.
48. Humanbeam- 2 Stars- Being faster than light apparently makes your back hairy.
49. El Mariacha- 3 Stars- Hot and Spicy, could have done with out the musical queefs.
50. America’s Sweet Hard- 4 Stars- Simply the best, but then she had to ruin it- who want’s a to wear a rubber?
51. Lttile Taylor- 3 Stars- Smooth as silk, watch out for that pin cushin.
52. Paragon- 1 Star- Kisses like a fish, What’s with the tongue in the ear?2nd base- OMG they R real! More Soon!