Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mulligan Stew Contest Over!

Uh-Oh, I made a Boo-boo on Page 19 of My Supa Life. If you can spot what's wrong be the first to put it in a comment and I'll send you a wallpaper of a character of your choice. I'm going to fix it this evening so this is a limited time offer.

OK guys thanks for the answers, the page has been corrected!


Teo said...

I looked at this for awhile before I think I spotted it. In the first panel he is passing the beer in his right hand, and in the second panel he's giving it to her in his left hand.

They're probably be a nipslip in panel 6 unless one of her powers is keeping her tits in check.

Anonymous said...

Or do you mean misspelling "sundae"? Because I did a double-take when reading that the first time. (Sunday bar? It's like the opposite of blue laws.)

FJH said...

Wow, I'm wrong all over the place I guess, Great observations guys, but not what I had in mind.
Teo I was actually thinking that Emerald Axe walked in with his own Booze-aid in hand, but I could totally see why you might see it another way. As for panel 6- it's called double sided tape, you dirty-dirty boy.
Nickfodunk once you get to know me better you'll come to realize one thing- I am retarded. I didn't realize I had misspelled sundae. In fact, I still don't realize it.

Let me help out by narrowing it down for y'all.
The mistake is purely visual, quite glaring and can be seen between pages 16-19.

Jeff said...

Paragon lost her glasses between pages 18 & 19.

The lack of nipplage was my first thought, though.

FJH said...

Jeff got the error I was thinking of but Nickfodunk also had a completely correct answer so you both win. Just let me know what size wall paper and character you each want a wallpaper of and I'll get it to you ASAP.

Jeff said...

Scarlet Squid, 1920 x 1080 please!

FJH said...

Ok Jeff gets the Scarlet Squid, I'll start working it up.

Teo said...

Congratulations Jeff. I'm still using the darwin background anyway.